ZUPERB litter

BORN 17 June 2014
1 male and 3 females

Orlando kop3Yazoo kop bew.BHCN 03.09.2011


 Litterpictures HERE

<–F. Face Orlando Noma v. ’t Wolfshome (HD-A, ED-0, IPO2)

M. Ch. pE Original Yazoo of Dark Brightness–>
(HD-A, ED-0, W’09)

*open character
*all round


Yazoo stand 2009

Orlando stand2

Exciting combination, workingline versus showline.. I think sometimes you just have to do something different to get good dogs.. A step back in looks and forward in character. Yazoo is the most lovely girl you can imagine, but she is kind of ‘soft’. Ideal for a pet- or showdog, but I wish for mentally more stronger typed dogs. And in these times with troubles like gastric cancer in our Belgians, you need to do something ‘drastic’.. That’s why (beside the fact I love Orlando) I’m doing this combination.. and I have this arrogance to think they will even still look ‘good’. The line of Yazoo is so very strong in type, that I don’t think we loose all ’the looks’. Generation of lookers are a fact there.. Bionic Gaïa, Just Natja, Wicked Breeze.. and the french showdogs on Yazoo’s father and grandfather.. BUT.. main reason is to get more ‘hardness’

In the line we see a lot of dogs with IPO, Malinois, Groenendael and Tervueren.  Malek is a wellknown groenendael with malinois behind him.. Stronger typed and not elegant at all. Duc Nicolas is of older Groenendael lines which has proven itself. Romy has Swiss bloodline, with also Malinois and Tervueren workers. Brisca is daughter to my own Risky Black of Dark Brightness. In Yazoo we see Tsisco as a wellknown working- and showdog, but also her grandmother Natja has earned her international Ch. in work and show. In overall I expect very good puppies, open and friendly, hopefully fearless and more strong in mind than mummy Yazoo. This will be Yazoo’s only litter.. I’m looking for a co-owner who would like to ‘have’ the female of my choice of this litter.

Face Orlando Noma v. ’t Wolfshome Sennang v. Yamyna Malek de Saltre Cabre
Brisca v.d. Belgische Vriendjes
Sergeant Dana Duc Nicolas Berger du Rayon
Scalloway’s Romy
Original Yazoo of Dark Brightness Ulius du Clos des Agapornis If du Crépuscule des Loups
Rehane de la Douce Plaine
Wicked Breeze of Dark Brightness Othello de la fureur du Crépuscule
Just Natja of Dark Brightness


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