Zenzidolls Jena van Oranje


Zenzidolls Jena van Oranje

petname: Jaycy
DOB: 16.06.2021
Blue Lynx Point (RAG a 21 33)
FIV/FeLV neg. (05.23)
PKD/CIN/HCM neg. (05.23)
Bloodtype A (05.23)

In my search for a nice kitten I found this lovely girl. As a kitten not that much hair, but as the breeder promised.. she has the most lovely coat ever!
And easy grooming, never matting. She grew into a lovely lady. She has a strong personality. I decided to wait before she had her first litter, in my opinion, not
only a dog has to be fully matured, but also a cat. She now is 2 years and recently mated,we expect her first litter in August 2023.


CAC show Nijkerk Neocat 2023

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