sad news

In memoriam:

X-otic Yinta of Dark Brightness died of old age at 14 years (07.11.2002 – 11.12.2016)
Dynamic Roy of Dark Brightness was put to sleep after surgery of the colon (for colon prolaps, but in surgery they found a tumor also), the surgery went well, but after that his kidneys were failing, sa sadly enough that was not to recover 🙁 (20.04.2005 – 10.12.2016)

Weekend NVBH results


NVBH Specialty judge Sandra Dubach

1Exc Veteran Original Gaja oDB BOS veteran
4Exc Youth Rumour has it oDB

judge Jacky MacAndie

1Exc Veteran male Krazy Mr.Mambo oDB BOB veteran


BHCN Specialty judge Meike Krug

3Exc Open Natural Noushka oDB

Charactertest NVBH

Social+ Xolid Pride oDB

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congrats to all!!!!