Madonna – litter


Madonna – litter expected in 2024

Ch. Jacke d’Korosti HD-A, ED-0 aka Daron X   the Reflex of Dark Brightness HD-A, ED-0 aka Pippa

Daron sired my Hall & Oats litter, and I am VERY happy with the offspring, and because of that I like to use him on the halfsister to Limit (mother
of Hall & Oats litter). Pippa gave great offspring in the Jackson5 litter, super personalities. They work and show fantastic.. Pippa her COI is very low for
Tervueren and therefor also very interesting to combine with again not too close relatives. In her pedigree Tervueren/Malinois and Groenendael, and also
Daron is out of Groenendael. I don’t know yet when I expect
her to be mated in 2024..  so stay tuned for updates if you are interested in this litter.
Red and Grey’s to be expected.

Litter Anouncements..

Ch. Jacke de Korosti HD-B, ED-0 sr Eckmúl de Kenatier (gr)  HD-A Ch. Quinto Rival de Bruine Buck (gr) HD-A
Blanche de Condivicnum (gr) HD-A
sr Bertha de d’Armatas (gr) HD-A Ch. RE Picard de Brunalines (gr) HD-A
RE Tina de d’Armatas (gr)  HD-A
the Reflex of Dark Brightness HD-A, ED-0 Ch. Patriot Vitris Bohemia HD-A, ED-0 *Agi2 Elyos du Moulin du Verger HD-A, ED-0 *ZOP
Kaisa Vitris Bohemia HD-A, ED-0
Ch. Unique Tease of Dark Brightness HD-A, ED-0 Wild Buck of Dark Brightness (gr) HD-A
Wintergame Obvious Saphire (gr) HD-A, Agi2


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