Jackson 5-litter

Jackson 5-litter born 31.05.2022 –> 3 RED MALES AND 3 RED FEMALES, 1 GREY FEMALE

Camino Nella Camisa Nera Agi2, HD-A, ED-0 X the Reflex of Dark Brightness (Pippa) HD-A, ED-0

Camino versus Pippa.. my original Tervueren lines combined to my Tervueren out of Groenendaelbloodline.. Camino is a healthy older male which showed no troubles in the line. He is of stronger and classic type, solid and stabil in mind. VERY friendly but with a switch, as soon as there is a form of play he is a good worker. Worked in Agility competition with nice results, but also has a Hooper license and Obedience skills. Also show went well in his early days (CAC), and than he became way too dark. His mother’s side is Groenendael. Pippa is always happy, a real joy! she is out of combi Malinois/Groenendael/Tervueren, Interesting bloodline. wellbuild body, super personality, very friendly. I think in matching these two can make very complete all round dogs. Both dogs embark DNA tested and free of all tested health issues. 
19.03.2022 Pippa is in heat
02.04.2022 Pippa succesfully mated to Camino
03.05.2022 confirmed pregnancy
31.05.2022 PUPPIES born !  3 MALES AND 4 FEMALES 
Camino Nella Camisa Nera Agi2, HD-A, ED-0 Ch. pE Perfect Mission of Dark Brightness Agi2, HD-A, ED-0 Figaro di Scottatura HD-B
pE Timeless Matiz of Dark Brightness HD-A, ED-0
Anima Nella Camisa Nera Agi2, HD-A Ch. Scudo-G di torre d’Arese (gr) HD-A
Orma-G di torre d’Arese (gr) HD-A
the Reflex of Dark Brightness HD-A, ED-0 Ch. Patriot Vitris Bohemia Agi2, HD-A, ED-0 Elyos du Moulin du Verger HD-A, ED-0 *ZOP
Kaisa Vitris Bohemia HD-A, ED-0
Ch. pE Unique Tease of Dark Brightness HD-A, ED-0 Wild Buck of Dark Brightness (gr) HD-A
Wintergame Obvious Saphire (gr) HD-A, Agi2


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