Wintergame Obvious Saphire

Saphire 16.05.2009 (5)Wintergame Obvious Saphire
‘Saphire”Saphire stand 16.05.09

DOB: 28.08.2005 DOD: 03.08.2017
(cause mammaetumors)
heterozygote black
medium sized & moderate in type



Saphire, what can I say… I never regret the day I took her from Erja’s home in Finland! What a tough task I had with my first choice and so many good girls. Saphire was the one with highest drive and continued playing with distraction. While the others lost interest! Happy that Erja took Noble Jack as the stud to sire her Wintergame ‘O’ litter. Unfortunately in the ‘O’ litter were not all testicles on the ijzer apport 8 wknboys.. and unfortunately Saphire also gives this ‘problem’ in her offspring. But… it’s a breedingproblem, not the dog’s problem.. Still I feel that Saphire has superb genes.. and gave powerrrr, open character and in general the best kind of dogs.!cid_B6FB78634FC04D0FB09571A9DEBAE572@haagsehop67msi


She herself is also some kind of portret… lot’s of attitude, power and drive. I love it! but kind of hard to handle caused by her impatience… She’s friendly and outgoing..  and a joy to have around. I’ve been training her in Obedience, IPO and Agility, and finally made the choice to keep in Agility. In all diciplines she has potential, but for me Agility ruled.. In her youth I also showed her a couple of times and she was rated Excellent. Nowadays the shine of Tervueren is way too clear, so showing her is off limits now. She is the leader of our pack, usually makes no fuss, but sometimes is needed. She is honest in leading the other dogs. She retired in breeding. Unfortunally I had to let her go way too soon, she had mammaetumors that were removed January 2017, but they spread and came back quickly and aggresive. We had to let her go 03.08.2017 due to the tumors all were open and sore… She was fine inspite of that…. so hard to make the decision… My heart cries…

2006 BEST PUPPY Veluwematch 2006
2007 RCACL Luxembourg 2007
2007 VZH/BH certificate
2008 mentaltest NVBH –> SOC+ (RV-V-G)
2008 Promoted to 2nd class agility


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