Miss Kayla of Dark Brightness

Kayla kop 23.07.08 (7)Kayla stand bewMiss Kayla of Dark Brightness ‘Kayla’

DOB: 14.11.2007 DOD: 13.03.2018
(genetic stomach cancer)
moderate sized female
complete scissorsbite
HD not tested
Ed not tested
eyes not tested

*Unfortunately… Kayla will NOT be bred, line
is VERY risky in gastric cancer, parents died young age, and her full sister at age 5.. and I hope Kayla will get older than *

Kayla is special, she is daughter to my also special and beloved Vasha, and granddaughter to my Kayla 13.01.2008 bew kllbeloved American import Sharif. Kayla is like her mother Vasha not the easiest of dogs.. She is picky in who she will love and not. She is really MY dog, and I’m her’s… Kayla is out of a litter of 6 with 2 boys and 4 girls.. All same kind of type, but not that strongheaded in loving as Kayla is. Kayla WTC 2013Kayla is working in agility, training and competition. She is a brave kind of girl. Makes no real mistakes. She’s competing in Agi2, hopefully I’ll get her in Agi3 this year.. She was shown a couple of times when she was a youngster, but she didn’t really liked to be touched. I stopped showing her, also because I decided not to breed her. I’d just found out that Kayla’s sister Daisy was put to sleep due to the symptoms of gastric cancer.. pfffffff… (feb 2013) so no need to say the risk is way too high. So she can ‘just be a dog’.. and work with me in agility… I’ll love her anyway!

2008 Youth Champion Luxembourg
2009 B1 Agility Promotion
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