Fleetwood Mac Litter

Fleetwood Mac litter born 3rd of June 2018


Nycka show BHCN 01.09.2012 Dortmund5 09.05.2015Python bewerkt2Python-v.d.-Vaardekenshoeve-17-maand-6

 Ch. Dutch & Lux. pE Unique Tease of Dark Brightness (Nycka) Agi1, HD-A, ED-0  versus Python v.d. Vaardekenshoeve Ringsport, HD-A, ED-0

Nycka is succesfully mated on 02.04.2018!
4 males and 4 females born on 03.06.2018
names puppies registered:
the boys –> Gypsy oDBGo your own way oDBDon’t stop oDBWatch Out oDB
the girls –> Seven wonders oDB Little Lies oDBHypnotized oDBBig Love oDB
11.07.2018 Puppies chipped today! no cries!!

Decided to use a workingmale out of malinois lines for Nycka again.. Python is still a young boy but after seeing him and his pedigree I feel it is a good choice in looks and power for allround and sportspuppies. This is an interesting and well thought combination. Both dogs have open and social personality, well build with good drive. 
We are looking for owners who prefer power, outgoing and temperament in a dog.. Beside that, they will also have good looks! Only Red puppies expected!

** Python is a calm and very selfsecure male, very affectionate, he is very light and sound in movement. Correctly build, not too big. Allthough he works in bitesports I can assure you he is also a very, VERY social and sweet dog. I am very happy I decided this mating! **

Python-v.d.-Vaardekenshoeve-12-maand-1 Python-v.d.-Vaardekenshoeve-17-maand-2 Python-v.d.-Vaardekenshoeve-17-maand-3

NOTE: Puppies worden getitert ipv klakkeloos gevaccineerd en worden gevoerd met vers vlees.. Het titeren nadat de pup uitgevlogen is neem ik voor mijn rekening als ik een geldige uitslag en factuur ontvang. Vaccinatie vergoed ik niet!


Python v.d. Vaardekenshoeve
HD-A, ED-0, Ringsport
Impress de la Rouquine
HD-A, ED-0, spondylose free
PH-1 met LOF, Object met LOF
Halusetha’s Densel
Moonshine v.d. Vaardekenshoeve
Kody v.d. Vaardekenshoeve (M)
Ch. Helga v.d. Vaardekenshoeve (M)
HD-A, IPO1, CQN, Belg. selectie!
Ch. pE Unique Tease of Dark Brightness
HD-A, ED-0, Agi1
Wild Buck of Dark Brightness (gr)
W’2004, HD-A
Othello de la fureur du Crépuscule (gr)
Int. Ch. pE s.r. Just Natja of Dark Brightness (gr)
HD-tc IPO1, GG2
Wintergame Obvious Saphire (gr)
HD-A, Agi2
Ch. pE Noble Jack of Dark Brightness (gr)
IPO3 HD-tc
Int. Ch. Wintergame Lalique (gr)


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