Duran Duran Litter

BORN 11 May 2017 –> Duran Duran-litter 

Dortmund5 09.05.2015Nycka show BHCN 01.09.2012



Ch. Dutch & Lux. Unique Tease of Dark Brightness (Nycka) Agi1, HD-A, ED-0  versus Patriot Vitris Bohemia (Morris) Agi2, HD-A, ED-0

Males: *Notorious *a View to a Kill *the Wild Boys
Females: *the Reflex *Save a Prayer *Girls on Film



Nycka and Morris are very open and social in personality, both have very good results in mentaltest (Morris max scores!!), they both have excellent temperament. Nycka had a litter already (Coldplay) and these ‘puppies’ are turning out very nice, open and temperamentfull. Both upcoming parents have good workingskills and apart from eachother a great and interesting pedigree, combined you will see Tervueren, Groenendael and Malinois in it.. We hope to get allround puppies for all kind of dogsports and also having good looks. We only have RED puppies in this litter.
ALL SOLD… sorry you’re too late for this fantastic litter!!

Patriot Vitris Bohemia
HD-A, ED-0 *Agi2
 Elyos du Moulin du Verger HD-A, ED-0 *ZOP  s.r. V’Izmir du Puy d’Aura  HD-A *Brefet Defense
 Aloise du Moulin du Verger 
 Kaisa Vitris Bohemia HD-A, ED-0  Cicero Vitris Bohemia (m) HD-A *IPO3, Ob1
 Deda Rudofovska Skala (m) HD-B/A
Ch.pE Unique Tease of Dark Brightness
HD-A, ED-0 *Agi1
Wild Buck of Dark Brightness (gr) HD-A Othello de la fureur du Crépuscule (gr) HD-A
Int. Ch. Just Natja of Dark Brightness (gr) HD-tc *IPO1, Ob2
Wintergame Obvious Saphire (gr) HD-A *Agi2 Ch. Noble Jack of Dark Brightness (gr) HD-tc *IPO3 
nt. Ch. Wintergame Lalique (gr) HD-A

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