Can’t Buy me Love of Dark Brightness


Joy stand 26.03.2016 wJoy kop 26.03.2016 wCan’t buy me Love of Dark Brightness                    


DOB: 11.11.2009
moderate type, expected heterozygote for grey
compl. scissorsbite

Co-owned and loved by
Annet Hollander

A litter of 3 very promissing puppies.. outcross combination.. I kept Joy in co-ownership and hope to breed her in the future.. She is of moderate type and is quite goodlooking.. Very relaxed and

selfconfident. She will be shown next year.. And Annet will train her in agility

Ch. Aragon vom Wildweibchenstein HD-A, IPO3, Agi3 Grimmendans Yashin HD-A Int. Ch. Millo v.d. Hoge Laer HD-A, IPO3
Urane du Maison du Bois
Darinka vom Haus Horrig HD-A Falco du Berger du Nord HD-A
Vaica v. ’t Sparrebos HD-B
Speedy Overdose of Dark Brightness HD-a, ED-0, Agi1 Jambo du Pacage Vert HD-A, Agi3 Multi Ch. Tsisco v.d. Hoge Laer HD-A, IPO3, rescuedog
Agility Ch. Ginny du Pacage Vert HD-tc, Agi3
Wintergame Obvious Saphire HD-A, Agi2 Ch. Noble Jack of Dark Brightness HD-tc, IPO3
Int. Ch. Wintergame Lalique

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