Toxic Timon of Dark Brightness

Toxic Timon (Tacko) kop1TOXIC TIMON OF DARK BRIGHTNESSToxic Timon (Tacko) stand

DOB: 31.01.2010
moderate male (62 cm)
complete scissorsbite
HD-A (40)
back and shoulders ok

owned by Arwin van der Kleij

Tacko is out of one of the two Malinois litters I bred in the past. Unfortunately malinois breeding stopp18.03.2010 7 week oud TOXIC 070 (36)ed as Bert and I split up and he took the mali’s with him. But… I DO hope the blood will continue with breeders who would like to breed with an extraordinary bloodline.. Full with workingdogs, but ALSO still looking good and in the standard. This particular Toxic litter gave fantastic sportsdogs.. In all diciplines! But now.. Tacko

Toxic Timon (Tacko) pakwerk1Goodlooking moderate sized male. Eager and high in drive and will to please. He is a dog which is very open and friendly towards people, but other males can sometimes  be a problem.. 😉 He is not without any attitude, so to speak! Tacko lives inside the household, and is worked in IPO.. easily worked into IPO3, with Toxic Timon (Tacko) volgen1ofcourse the help of a fantastic IPO club where the breeder of ‘Haagse Bloed’ is helping, and not without results! Very nice handling and scores in exams! I am proud that Mariëlle and Koos thought that my litter was a good one.. and therefor Arwin took a pick of this litter. Toxic Timon (Tacko) apport schutAt this moment Tacko is worked in KNPV doing policework and he’s doing good! Arwin is going to enter Tacko also in inventary.. so he also can be used inside club NVBH. NO PROBLEM!
Tacko is available for good females, with healthy pedigree.

2011 BH/VZH 57 pnt
2012 IPO I (85-93-96)

2012 IPO II (95-91-90)
2012 IPO III (84-91-91)
CH. Solero des Teutones
(HD-A, ED-O, spondylose free)
IPO 3 fin. FH2
Otis du Clos Champcheny
(HD-A) IPO 3 fin. US Ring 1
Haxo du Clos Champcheny
Ring3 sel.
Hiteé du Clos Champcheny
Nala de la Niche de Bonheur
(HD-A) Ring2
G’Rico des Loups Mutins
(HD-A) Ring3
Gaxie de la Niche de Bonheur
Shywa vom Greifenring
Vandalens Eros
(HD-A) IPO3 fin.
Achan vom Greifenring
(HD-A) SchH3
Daneskjold Luna
IPO3 fin.
Mara vom Greifenring
Brando Airport Hannover
(HD-A) SchH3
Frisbee vom Roten Falken
(HD-A) IPO3, FH2

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