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Speedy Overdose of Dark Brightness aka Dibah HD-A, ED-0, Agi1 versus Int. Ch. Aragon vom Wildweichenstein aka Santos HD-A, Eyes free, IPO3, Agi3

Also an exciting combination… Dibah is out of Groenendaelparents and gave a litter before with Perfect Mission of DB which was/is without any problem.. Dibah is a VERY friendly girl of small but firm type, classic so to speak. Santos is a boy of older age.. Has given a lot of offspring which are proven healthy, eager to work and goodlooking. This combination is outcross. And we expect red and grey puppies to be born. We expect allround dogs, which have the ability to work in all kind of diciplines and won’t have a common pedigree which is attractive for future breeding..


03.02.2015 Dibah is in season!
17.02.2015 Dibah mated to Aragon!
01.04.2015 6 weeks and definately pregnant!
21.04.2015 Puppies BORN Beatles litter, ‘just’ 1 grey male (490 gr) and 2 red females (450 & 460 grms)
names are: male–> Twist and Shout oDB, females–>Ticket to Ride oDB & Can’t buy me Love oDB
all puppies have found a fantastic home!



Ch. Aragon vom Wildweibchenstein HD-A, IPO3, Agi3 Grimmendans Yashin HD-A Int. Ch. Millo v.d. Hoge Laer HD-A, IPO3
Urane du Maison du Bois
Darinka vom Haus Horrig HD-A Falco du Berger du Nord HD-A
Vaica v. ’t Sparrebos HD-B
Speedy Overdose of Dark Brightness HD-a, ED-0, Agi1 Jambo du Pacage Vert HD-A, Agi3 Multi Ch. Tsisco v.d. Hoge Laer HD-A, IPO3, rescuedog
Agility Ch. Ginny du Pacage Vert HD-tc, Agi3
Wintergame Obvious Saphire HD-A, Agi2 Ch. Noble Jack of Dark Brightness HD-tc, IPO3
Int. Ch. Wintergame Lalique



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