Xolid Bouncer of Dark Brightness number 1 Belgian Obedience 2018!

and also he got the following title this year by finishing all needed Obedience titles..

He has earned CD, CDX, UD, OTCH, OTCHx, MOTCH but all these are prerequisites to compete for GMOTCH, so once you have GMOTCH, you just use those initials and everyone knows you have all the other titles.

And now he bacame top Belgian for Obedience 2018 also in Canada..

Officially he is named:

CH & GMOTCH  Xolid Bouncer of Dark Brightness IPO1, TD

CH = show champion Canada

= Grand Master Obedience Trial Champion TD = Tracking Dog

so proud of owner Hilary and her lovely Bouncer!!

Happening 2018

NVBH Happening 2018

Best young male and BOB 12-18 months ‘Notorious of Dark Brightness’

Best young female BOS 12-18 months ’the Reflex of Dark Brightness’

Easy to PLease of Dark Brightness and her sister
Twisted Logic of Dark Brightness succeeded the mentaltest social+

Sad news

07.03.2018 Original Zorro of Dark Brightness died due to analtumors.. (so very sorry)
13.03.2018 Miss Kayla of Dark Brightness died due to stomach cancer.

Obedience wedstrijd Utrecht

4e plaats OB1 271 punten Uitmuntend Up in Flames oDB gefeliciteerd!!
Ze zal Nederland vertegenwoordigen op FMBB Obedience 1!

Net als Toxic Ziva of Dark Brightness in Agility3, zij zal haar wereldkampioenstitel nogmaals proberen te behalen!