Gaja stand BHCN 2011 04.09.2011 beworginal gaja of dark brightness (6)send Jambo du Pacage vert10.09.09 (12)Jambo du Pacage vert10.09.09 (3) bew

Ch. Original Gaja of Dark Brightness HD-A, ED-0, GG1, Agi1 versus Jambo du Pacage Vert HD-A, Agi3

Happy to show you the puppypictures as well as the pictures of them getting older. All the males are of strong bone, the girls are more refined.
Unfortunately only one boy is complete and the other two are monorchid in testicles.. What a shame.. But inspite of that they are happy and outgoing dogs..  



Jambo du Pacage Vert Agi3 CH. SR. Tsisco v.d. Hoge Laer IPO3 Buster-Jessie v. Lana’s Hof
Quasinoir v.d. Hoge Laer
Ebony-Ginny du Pacage Vert Agi3 Rainier des Cinq Coquilles
Ginny du Pacage Vert 
pE CH. Original Gaja of Dark Brightness GG1, Agi1 S.R. Ulius du Clos des Agapornis S.R. If du Crépuscule des Loups
Rehane de la Douce Plaine
CH. Wicked Breeze of Dark Brightness Agi2 Othello de la fureur du Crépuscule
Int. CH. S.R. pE Just Natja of Dark Brightness IPO1, GG2

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