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Angèl Gelauf
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NL-8303 JE Emmeloord

Tervueren and Groenendael, both a big part of my life, a real passion… I’m working as a doggroomer and have a part of my work at home, and an other part works at a logistic center for beautyproducts.. In the past I was working as a veterinary assistant for some years, and because of that I started my groomingwork. I have quite some interest in everything with or/and around animals. The ‘of Dark Brightness’ story started with Gaby… known as ‘Berkens’ Almaro Gabriëlla’ a Tervuerenfemale which I have trained in Obedience and she also was a fantastic showdog. Gaby-kopstudieBecame a Champion quite easily.. But I wanted more… Gaby was a very stabil, friendly and open female in character, but could have had more fire… that’s why ‘Tessa’ came into my life, a Groenendaelfemale which I have trained in IPO and Obedience (GG). Not a showdog at all, and quite problematic with people and other animals.. pffff.. I’ve learned A LOT about dogs because of Tessa.. With Gaby and Tessa as the foundationfemales I started to breed and that tessa3was the beginning of my passion….

At this moment, I am training (between some shows and agilitycompetitions in the weekends) the dogs in agility, all my dogs are active working and competing in agility and/or show, the goal is to get everything out of a dog what is in…..

MY GOAL….. To share my passion with future DB dogowners… keeping my goals alive.

I really like every kind of training with a dog. My dogs are kept inside our household… they are used to cats, children and everything that is normal… Lots of people tell me that I have dogs which are not ‘normal’ like ‘nervous and holding back as typical Belgianstandard’. My dogs are indeed very open and spontaneous. 970076_404712086309281_6316907_nThey don’t have this holding back thing in them, and I wish to keep it that way, and try not only to breed a goodlooking dog, but also a dog which is willing to work, just because it’s a workingdog from origin….

So…. I like to breed puppies for people who want more than just a beautiful dog. inquiries are welcome, but I am quite critical in choosing the right kind of owners for the puppies. My puppies are kept in my home, not just because I like them around me, but also because it’s important they learn and hear everything that is normal. 296144_404712109642612_1663561631_nAfter 7-8 weeks the puppies can leave my home and go to their new owners… Needless to say that they will leave here with a pedigree(chip), possible vaccination (after checking anti-bodies first!!) and deworming… and lot’s of loving and socialisation……. Ofcourse it doesn’t stop there… I will always be there as a back up and as a helpdesk…. I’d like to keep in touch, not only to hear negative things, but certainly also the nice things…. And if my help is required… it’s just a phonecall, textmessage or an email away!
I DNA test my breedingdogs Embark to see if there are possible problems or not.. 


our dogs get a raw diet.. as I feel it’s the most natural way to feed them.. I give them all sorts of variation in meat (all sorts of animals) Puppies will also be fed raw, and I like that new owners will also give their dogs a raw diet, but I can understand and respect it if they do not… 

MY main reason to feed raw is to try to eliminate the most common problem (at this moment) among belgians.. Stomach/gastric cancer.. I think we can prevent things if we feed as natural as possible.. And therefor I feed raw, beside the fact that dogs are using their jaws like it should be used and are more healthy and stronger.. I was closely involved with the research of finding which genes are responsable for getting the stomach tumors. Hopefully the researchers and specialists can make a test for future breedingdogs.. So we can test the dogs and hopefully they will stay geneticly ‘clear’ of gastric cancer.

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