Zuperb Gossip of Dark Brightness



DOB: 17.06-2014
compl. scissorsbite
mentaltest NVBH soc+
HD-A & ED-0 (free)
eyes clear but scar from a scratch in one eye (08.’18)

co-owned and loved by
Peter and Sylvia Vermeulen
(and in loving memory Eugenie v. Aalten †)

Siyah stand 25.03.2018


Siyah, a result of show- and workinglines combined… And I am very happy how the litter turned out.. And Siyah is really a combi of both worlds.. She is relaxed, easygoing and powerfull. Eugenie trained her in agility and they had their first debute together in December 2015.. Eugenie was very satisfied about the way Siyah worked for her.. But after that Eugenie became 1836657_804688809620481_4996141522067999845_overy ill and ONLY 2 months later after being diagnosed cancer on the nerves she left our earthly life… RIP my sweet friend!Siyah kopstudie clubmatch nvbh 2015 Peter and Sylvia took Siyah into their loving home and in their own pack of dogs, and all goes so well, that Peter asked Eugenie and me if he could keep her as his own.. We were filled with joy for this opportunity.. Peter will continue the work Eugenie started in agility, and I know they will make Eugenie smile above all of us! Siyah and Peter are getting to be a wonderfull team in agility. Siyah takes all or nothing, superfast and when without mistakes, taking the podium.. Siyah kop 25.03.2018

2015  NVBH Specialty 5VG Youthclass
2017 mentaltest NVBH Soc+
Face-Orlando Noma v.’t Wolfshome HD-A, ED-0, IPO2 Sennang HD-A, IPO3 Malek de Salte Cabre HD-A, IPO3 
Briska v.d. Belgische Vriendjes HD-A
Sergeant Dana HD-A Duc Nicolas Bergers du Rayon HD-B, IPO3
Scalloway’s Romy HD-A, IPO3
Ch. pE Original Yazoo of Dark Brightness HD-A, ED-0 sr. Ulius du Clos des Agapornis HD-A, Ob2, Br.Mondio If du Crèpuscule des Loups HD-A
Rehane de la Douce Plaine HD-A
Multi Ch. Wicked Breeze of Dark Brightness HD-A Othello de la fureur du Crèpuscule HD-A
Int. Ch. pE Just Natja of Dark Brightness HD-tc, IPO1, Ob2

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