Notorious of Dark Brightness

Notorious of Dark Brightness

Dotan 8 mnd kop w  

DOB: 11.05.2017
HD/ED too young
Bigger sized
co-owned with
Conny and Wim Wennink

Dotan 8 mnd stand w


2018 Happening Best young Tervueren 12-18 months

Patriot Vitris Bohemia
HD-A, ED-0 *Agi2
 Elyos du Moulin du Verger HD-A, ED-0 *ZOP  s.r. V’Izmir du Puy d’Aura  HD-A *Brefet Defense
 Aloise du Moulin du Verger 
 Kaisa Vitris Bohemia HD-A, ED-0  Cicero Vitris Bohemia (m) HD-A *IPO3, Ob1
 Deda Rudofovska Skala (m) HD-B/A
Ch.pE Unique Tease of Dark Brightness
HD-A, ED-0 *Agi1
Wild Buck of Dark Brightness (gr) HD-A Othello de la fureur du Crépuscule (gr) HD-A
Int. Ch. Just Natja of Dark Brightness (gr) HD-tc *IPO1, Ob2
Wintergame Obvious Saphire (gr) HD-A *Agi2 Ch. Noble Jack of Dark Brightness (gr) HD-tc *IPO3 
nt. Ch. Wintergame Lalique (gr) HD-A

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