Groenendaelpuppies expected mid March 2019

Expected Groenendael mating mid january 2019
George Michael-litter

IMG_8635 1836657_804688809620481_4996141522067999845_o 23509277_1662469057109654_2965502127717136172_o Joey stand fb

Zuperb Gossip of Dark Brightness (Siyah) Agi2, HD-A/ED-0  versus Ch. Jet Black Joke (Joey) UPR3, HD-A, ED-0

Found the male for Siyah.. She needs substance and stronger bones in a partner and coat! And… I do not want to loose ANY character or will to please, that I brought into her lines with her father Orlando. She’s out of a Workingmale and Showfemale.. And work is her middle name! Very high drive in agility (like her brother and sister!) Joey is also a worker, clownish as the owner says, is what I like, but beside his workingdrive and will to please, he also is a great looker, has the most beautiful headlines and has this attitude I like and wish for in a dog.. I hope we will have allround puppies with very high drive. So if you are looking for a good workingdog with nice looks.. Maybe this is your litter! I take reservations already!

NOTE: Puppies worden in het nest al getitert ipv klakkeloos gevaccineerd en worden gevoerd met vers vlees..

07.01.2019 Siyah in heat

Joey kop zij fb 25299990_1692663444090215_7592029838155133647_o 26063471_1710031892353370_4134400609065323013_o 26063592_1710029769020249_3555892472742173203_o

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Ch. Jet Black Joke HD-A, ED-0 CH. Toby Comme un Reve Noir HD-A CH. Greco Comme un Reve Noir HD-A
Buffy du Pré du Vieux Pont
CH, Tempranillo Forbidden Dreams HD-A Ch. Lucku Luke Polaris
Zuperb Gossip of Dark Brightness, HD-A, ED-0 Face Orlando Noma v.’t Wolfshome IPO2, HD-A Sennang HD-A
Sergeant Dana HD-A
CH. Original Yazoo of Dark Brightness HD-A, ED-0 Ulius du Clos des Agapornis HD-A
CH.Wicked Breeze of Dark Brightness HD-A

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