Unique Tease of Dark Brightness

Nycka show BHCN 01.09.2012

Unique Tease of Dark BrightnessWinner 2014

DOB: 24.05.2011
Big sized grey female

heterozygote grey
complete scissorsbite
mentaltest NVBH 2013 soc+



Mother of COLDPLAY– and DURAN DURAN-Litter


Nycka is the only girl in Saphire’s second litter, a big litter of 9. I was lucky that she is a tervueren. I had no choice, but she was interesting and powerfull enough to keep her. When she was 14 weeks of age, she broke her front leg, 

Nycka stand3 28.08.2011but a ‘nice’ break, and without surgery she recovered completely. She grew into a very nice elegant female. Complete in harmony. She has a powerfull personality and she is very friendly towards everything and anyone. In our pack she is the peacemaker, can get along with all and the other packmembers. And this year I hope to get her ready to make a start in agility competition. I started training her at the end of last year, and it seems she has it all for the sport. Very smart, eager and powerfull. So let’s hope she will 341060_origbe a bit less hectic than her mother Saphire.. Nycka also is pretty, and surprised me and everyone else by winning best youth tervueren at Belgian Specialty BHCN 2012, and finally Best Young Belgian and also RCAC, which became a CAC! How proud I was.. never expected this.. Thnx to judge and breedspecialist Eric Desschans! After a showstruggle caused by her coatcolour.. she could get 1Exc. CAC/BOB in one show and in an other show ‘just’ a Good qualification.. unbelievable.. But finally.. she did it… She became Dutch and Luxembourgs Show Champion.. Also will try to ‘get’ some CACIB in other countries to earn the International Showchampion title… She is my joy and she is so like her black grandmother ‘Just Natja oDB’


Nycka kop2 24.09.2011 (1) 300

Wijchen Nycka 19.12.2014

Dortmund3 09.05.2015

Dortmund5 09.05.2015

Youth CAC R’dam 2012
2012 BHCN Best young belgian of all varieties in show!
2012 RCAC (=CAC) and Youth CAC BHCN
2013 RCAC/RCACIB Maastricht
2013 CAC/CACIC Zwolle
2013 NVBH mentaltest social+ (goed-voldoende-goed)
2013 CAC/CACIB/BOB Amsterdam (One day show)
2013 RCAC/RCACIB  Reservewinster – Amsterdam Winner
2014 RCACIB Amsterdam (Holland Cup)
2014 CAC/CACIB Wijchen
2015 RCAC/RCACIB Dortmund Europasieger  2x anwartschaft
2015 RCACL Luxembourg
Wild Buck of Dark Brightness (gr) Othello de la Fureur du Crepuscule (gr) Jason de la Douce Plaine (gr)
Griotte de la fureur du Crepuscule (gr)
Just Natja of Dark Brightness (gr) Tsisco v.d. Hoge Laer (gr)
Bionic Gaïa of Dark Brightness (gr)
Wintergame Obvious Saphire (gr) Noble Jack of Dark Brightness (gr) Kimba v. Lana’s Hof (gr)
Bionic Gaïa of Dark Brightness (gr)
Wintergame Lalique (gr) Mystique des Perles Noires (gr)
Wintergame Intermilana (gr)


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