BORN 30 March 2016 –> 3 males (2 grey and 1 red) and 5 females (2 grey and 3 red) COLDPLAY LITTER

Nycka show BHCN 01.09.2012 Dortmund5 09.05.2015  X  IMG-20151020-WA0006 IMG-20151020-WA0007

NL & LUX Ch. pE Unique Tease of Dark Brightness HD-A, ED-0 aka Nycka versus FR. Ch. s.r. Just in Blue de la Belgerie HD-A, ED-0 aka Justy

Searching for the right male, my friend showed me these pictures of Justy (for the female Oh so Nice oDB 😉 ) I felt that he could be also the possible choice for Nycka… 
After checking out the pedigree and talking to breeder andso, I truly think he is a very nice match for Nycka.. Also he didn’t produce so much at this point and is outcross on Nycka’s line.. Important with the problems gastric cancer and epilepsy andso.. Both dogs are stabil and balanced, in character, body and mind.. Nycka works in agility and Justy in highest level Obedience.. So excited to make my choice finally known.. I expect allround offspring, of nice elegant but bigger type, outstanding looks and VERY open and spontaneous personality…  Mix Tervueren/Groenendael.. and therefor grey and red puppies expected!

17.01.2016 Nycka in her season
29.01.2016 Easy mating today to Justy
31.01.2016 again mating, see video


30.03.2016 puppies born, all healthy and strong 3 males and 5 females
01.04.2016 Names will be:
♂ Trouble aka YOLO,
♂Speed of Sound aka LUKAS,
♂Such a Rush aka EYKO,
♀Up in Flames aka FLAME,
♀Sky full of Stars aka JOY,
♀Viva la Vida aka JUNA,
♀Twisted Logic aka LIMIT,
♀Easy to Please aka YINGA
29.04.2016 Growing and developing like crazy. Very good looking, some testicles allready down!! Quite developing some attitude! Happy litter!


Ch. Just in Blue de la Belgerie HD-A, ED-0, Ob3  Luavjan’s Big Sand Kahuna HD-A, ED-0  Tango dell’ Alta Via  HD-A
 Udine du Perigord Vert (gr) HD-A
 Mushanga’s Fiësta   Ch. Amigo of the Home Port HD-B
 v. ’t Roedelhof Ckali
Ch. Unique Tease of Dark Brightness HD-A, ED-0 Wild Buck of Dark Brightness (gr) HD-A Othello de la fureur du Crépuscule (gr) HD-A
Int. Ch. Just Natja of Dark Brightness (gr) HD-tc IPO1, GG2
Wintergame Obvious Saphire (gr) HD-A, Agi2 Ch. Noble Jack of Dark Brightness (gr) IPO3 HD-tc
Int. Ch. Wintergame Lalique (gr) HD-A

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